About Us

Liberal Party of India is people's party committed to develop a just, fair and cultured society which stands for fairness, nondiscrimination, liberty including, free trade, and reform of the state and prevailing political culture.

Arise. Awake. Transform.

The tagline is inspired by the famous quote of Swami Vivekananda - "Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is achieved." This tagline intend to communicate the core vision of the party. When we say ARISE, it means know the truth and move forward. 'Awakening for the better future' is the reaction we are seeking. Transformation is the ultimate goal.

We have seen many governments lead by different parties and leaders. We have also witnessed that parties or leaders have flourished at the cost of the nation and its people. Promises were made to attract voters and win elections only. The same formula is been repeated by leaders and the same results people have experienced over the years. That shows the state of mind of the majority population in India. Just change is not enough. To see appropriate results, the inside out transformation is required.

The system devised for exploiting Indians in the days of the British Raj, and happily adopted by the Indian leadership since independence needs to be significantly restructured to partner with the Indian people and be a service provider to the citizen.

We the Liberals, committed to develop a just, fair and cultured society that promotes liberty, free trade, and political and social reform to transform the largest democracy in the World - India.