Plaban Bhattacharjee – Ideals of Liberal Party of India


TO ERR IS HUMAN TO CHANGE IS LIFE To remain alive, one must change, there is no other alternative available to us.

  • Plaban Bhattacharjee
  • Co-ordinator
  • Liberal Party of India

Liberal Party of India trusts this philosophy and is geared up to work for it. Liberal Party of India is not just another political party— it is an initiative to deliver fulfilment of long pending aspiration of public.
To begin with, let us reflect on the happenings experienced during the last 71 years in independent India. After partition of the country was imposed on us, the expectations of the displaced, uprooted, scattered citizens were to get reset through free and fair independent political system. The basic and primary needs for Food-Clothing-Shelter of the traumatized, humiliated, betrayed public were to be addressed and restored. It is painful to see people still going to sleep with empty stomach, uncovered women work in fields, shelter-less citizens looking for support in most extreme weather conditions.…


So far, hiding facts, avoiding realities, exploiting the helpless had been professed as political endeavour. People, in the name of democracy have been the subject of multiple layers of political experimentations charged with lots of promises, assurances and commitments but the net result, we find today is, all round chaos, disorientation in political, social, economic and cultural fields of independent India. The inadequacy in holistic planning, lack of ability to handle global technological
surge, inability to deter export of professional talents and
fixing unwarranted priorities in state spending created an
illusion of ghost democracy. Internalizing these facts and realities, the founders of the Liberal Party of India invested their entire intellectual wisdom in redefining Politics, Politician, Political Party.

The Tagline of the party is ARISE-AWAKE-TRANSFORM. Going by the essence of the philosophy of the party, the primary function of it will be to make people get up from the sleep of ignorance. The next step will be to upgrade their awareness levels about the realities. The final step will be to activate the process of transformation of every individual to culminate in the transformation of the whole country. Empowered and transformed citizens
can only deliver a transformed Republic. Liberal Party trusts the citizens. Do you?

Let us elaborate a bit about the process of proposed transformation. The Preamble of the constitution of India declares for all its citizens to enjoy:

in a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic.
Let us focus on the realities of these characteristics as
experienced by a common man today.
JUSTICE, social, economic, political….crores of pending litigation cases in courts can very well say about the delivery of justice to the concerned citizens. Justice in any field; be it, social, economic or political, has been rendered into an apparent commercial commodity. Liberal Party does not approve of it, do you?

LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship. This word has been politically mutilated to the extent that thought, expression, belief, faith and worship are to be in tune with ruling party’s directives to avoid facing sedition charges.
Liberal Party does not approve of it. Do you?

EQUALITY of status and opportunity.
The concept of equality has been swallowed by the cries and agitations for reservation, both in education and employment arenas. Lack of political will &competence to resolve the issue has resulted in sheer wastage of already scarce resources and loss of valuable man- hours and invaluable human lives. The matter of Reservation
has been made into a political tool to stay in power and win elections. The status and opportunity have been reserved for politically connected people only irrespective of their expressed merit or competence.
Liberal Party does not approve of it. Do you?

Promoting FRATERNITY among all citizens, assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation.
We are all, aware, what fraternity means today. The perpetuating scams, fraud, cheating, treachery and other social crimes, engaging all journalists of the country in 24*7 reporting, speak volumes on failure of promoting brotherhood among the citizens of the country. And who are those that are committing crimes…. most are reputed, established and popular public figures. The dignity of an individual, especially women have been crushed under the heavy weight of political indifference
and arrogance. The reported cases of recurring external military aggression coupled with seemingly unending internal terrorist out-bursts have created an unwarranted threat to the unity and integrity of the Nation. The net result, what we see today is that the concept of Fraternity has been politically shattered and
thrown away as unresolved pieces. Liberal Party does not approve of it. Do you?


The agenda of the Liberal Party is not to enter a “vote gathering” only, politics. The intention of the party is to deliver a society complying with the provisions enshrined in the Preamble of the Constitution of India. The Party visualizes a society empowered with the desired characteristics to co-exist with cooperation in a stimulating peaceful environment.
Do you?

To bring about such a colossal task of transformation of the whole country we need to redefine Politics, Politician and Political Party. Politics… it is a process of framing policies for the sole purpose of welfare of each and every citizen of the country. The policies would ensure accountability at every step with provisions for implementing, monitoring, assessing, evaluating, feedback and rectification being spelt out without any ambiguity. Politician… An empowered citizen who abides by the
policies for welfare of the nation at all cost, never deviating from the principles for personal gains.


Political Party… An association of politicians as pre-defined. The purpose of the formation and sustenance of the party will be to abide by the existing policies and frame new ones synchronizing with the ever changing phenomena of existence.

Focus Areas…
Our focus will be multi layered.
First layer: the young citizens aged between 18 – 25 years.
This young group will be encouraged, educated and trained to understand the political fundamentals for decisive participation in Nation building.

Second layer: the citizens aged between 25-55 years. This group is the real economic power of the country being productive in every profession. This is the real asset of the country who will be inspired to take the lead in the process of holistic transformation.

Third layer: all the senior citizens of 55+ years.
This group is the real treasure of experience and expertise. They will be invited with respect and honour to teach, guide, train, mentor and support the younger generation.
Thus, the whole country is to be the promoter of the ideologies of the Liberal Party of India.

Action Plan
The policies of welfare state as envisaged by Liberal Party
of India will work on the fundamental areas of
1. Fitness 2. Education 3. Employment.

FITNESS: It is the primary feature of a progressive nation. The Liberal Party of India advocates for not only disease–free population but also with a high level of physical and intellectual fitness, for handling the challenges and enjoying the outcomes. Physically and intellectually fit youths only are capable of absorbing education. They will be provided with all assistance and support to make appropriate use of it.

EDUCATION: it is a perpetual dynamic process to empower one to become:
a) Self-Reliant
b) Productive
c) Empathetic.
Lack of even one feature renders one uneducated. The Liberal Party will inculcate a culture of propagating this concept of education for all citizens.
Will you?

Need of Education: the nature has designed the existence in its own way. We, the human is given the physical strength, intellectual sharpness, emotional responses and spiritual quest to enjoy life. But food, clothing and shelter, the necessities of life have not been provided directly. These must be fended for,
produced, protected, stored and distributed judiciously for consumption. Everyone is a consumer by birth but is a deferred producer by nature. So, till he becomes a producer himself, somebody else must produce for him.
This is the reality for everyone. Similarly, after spending
productive years a citizen becomes non-productive again, by reduced abilities. The productive population has thus, to produce enough not only for itself but also for the two non-productive ends. The Liberal Party visualizes that every child must get appropriate education and consequently be productive through optimum gainful employment option. Do you?

EMPLOYMENT: this will be the direct outcome of education. Each eligible educated citizen will be able to find appropriate employment option according to his level of expertise and skill. This will reduce the economic burden on the productive population by reducing the non-productive population. Liberal Party envisages to see this philosophy in practice.
Do you?

The fitness and education program will be standardized through Regulatory mechanism so that students all over the country must avail the same level of fitness care and education. To achieve this all infrastructure for fitness and education will be brought at par. There will be no “public” and “private “categories of institutes. There will be only “fitness centre” and “school” seen as such, without any tag. The medical doctors will gradually be upgraded from “sickness attendants” to “Fitness Managers”. All the institutes will offer and establish same qualities of service with built-in provision of upgrading to match developing technology. The Liberal Party is all for this innovative approach.
Are you?

COMPETITION: It is a primitive economic process to create market for excess industrial products produced by economically enslaved industrial workers. The concept of liberalism does not match with the competitive principles of production. Liberal industrial attitude can only bring free and fair production for equitable consumption. In today’s world, ridden with pollution and crises of all kinds, competition cannot be supported any further. It is to be seen that the already scarce resources are not
locked up (in unsold products occupying space, manhours) and wasted in unproductive activities. The concept of co-existence through co-operation will be brought in for optimum utilization of material and human resources. This will not only create more employment but also protect the environment for creating comfortable living conditions for future generations. The Liberal Party is all set to get going in this direction.
Are you?

The fore-going narrative is a micro reflection of the mission and vision of the Liberal Party of India. The observed chaos and public frustration at present can be very well construed as the consequence of inappropriate management of the Nation’s rich heritage, culture,
productive social attitude and abundant natural reserves. The entire population has been disempowered to dare, defend & fight against fraud and exploitations on one hand and support, promote & propagate righteousness in political, social, economic &cultural issues on the other. The political consciousness and wisdom needed for sustaining a “Welfare State” enjoying the privileges enshrined in the preamble of our constitution has been eroded during the last seventy-one years of political transaction.


The Liberal Party of India is born to restore the lost sense of independence and instil confidence in the philosophy of Welfare State.

Do you find yourself in the movement?
We stand by YOU!!!