Core principles of the Liberal Party of India

  • Secure the primacy of the Citizen, freedom and liberty, integrity, equality and justice
  • Enhance speed of judicial outcome, governance reform, including the bureaucracy, police and courts
  • State to leave business to private enterprise and strengthen a lightly regulated free market
  • Enhancing ease of living and doing business, simplify and reduce taxation and reduce cost of finance
  • Agricultural reform, increase productivity and develop the market for agricultural produce and processing
  • Employment generation to be enhanced, focus on tourism, rural economy, infrastructure development
  • Environmental rejuvenation, air quality control, restoration of rivers, water
  • bodies and forests and improving waste management and disposal
  • Health care, housing, security, 24/7 high quality water and electricity for all
  • Transition from cast based reservation to affirmative actionfor the needy
  • Restore and preserve a right to self-defense and allow open gun licensing and change thegender and social dynamic, including by liberalizing prostitution, inducting women in the armed forces etc.
  • Enhance transparency in governance and in political funding
  • Implement a uniform civil code
  • Focus on revival of constructive Indian culture and traditions
  • Move to a full federal structure and empower local authority rule, but with the idea of one nation