Membership Criteria

Membership of the Party

    1.  Any person may apply for membership of the Party (“Membership”) by submitting (i) an application and (ii) a declaration, in the forms specified by the Party from time to time, and (iii) payment of a non-refundable membership fee in accordance with Article III(7) below.
    2. All applications for membership shall be considered by the Concerned President (defined below in Article XIII), who might either approve or reject the same. Any person whose application for membership is approved by the Concerned President shall have their name registered in database maintained by the Party and become a member of the Party (“Member”) from such date.
    3. Membership in the Party shall, subject to Article III (4) below, be in the following categories:
        1. Ordinary Member – Membership of every person who becomes a Member shall last for a period of 5 years, after which it would have to be renewed for another term by payment of the Membership Fees applicable on the date of renewal. An Ordinary Member shall have the right to exercise his/her vote on internal Party matters in circumstances specified herein and to apply for Party tickets to contest any public election, but not to contest an internal election for Party offices/posts.
        2. Active Member(ship) – Every Ordinary Member who (i) enrolls a minimum of 10 new Members, or (ii) makes a financial contribution of an amount as determined by the National Executive Committee from time to time, shall be an Active Member of the Party. In addition to the rights available to Ordinary Members, only Active Members will have the right to contest internally for any office/post of the Party.

      Every Active Member shall be obliged to participate in the activities of the Party on a regular basis and renew his/her Membership as required of an Ordinary Member. Any failure to do so could result in revocation of such persons Active Membership by the Concerned Executive Committee, upon which such person shall revert to being an Ordinary Member.

    4. The Party shall, by resolution passed in the National Council, have the power to modify Article 3 above and create other categories of, or modify existing Category(ies) of, Membership from time to time.
    5. Membership of the Party is open to any citizen of India, including any overseas citizen of India, who has attained the age of 18 years and who agrees in writing to abide by the Party’s Constitution and its Core Principles specified in Annex I, provided that such citizen:
      1. is not a member of any other political party registered with the Election Commission of India;
      2. is not a member of any organization whose views, policies or actions conflict with the objectives of the Party; and/or
      3. has not been convicted by a court of law for a crime where imprisonment of more than 6 months is provided for, excepting that the National President can for reasons to be recorded in writing decide against applicability of this disqualification to any person who applies for membership of the Party.
    6. Membership location –
      1. A person can become a Member either based on such person’s place of general residence or where such person carries on business (“Address”), and his/her Membership shall be registered with reference to such Address, but at one time a person shall not be a Member based on more than one Address.
      2. If any Member desires a change in Address, such Member shall provide written notice of such change to a Party official designated for such task by the National President, who shall record the change in address in the Party’s central database. The change of address shall be effective upon it being recorded in the Party’s central database.
    7. A Member shall pay a membership fee, including at the time of renewal of Membership, of Rs. 10/- or a higher fee if so determined by the National Executive Committee from time to time (“Membership Fees”).
    8. Cessation of Membership 
      A person shall cease to be a Member in the event of:

        1. death, resignation or having obtained Membership by making a false declaration;
        2. revocation, expulsion or removal in circumstances specified in this Constitution and in accordance with a procedure to be determined by the National Executive Committee from time to time (which shall incorporate the principles of natural justice);
        3. if he/she is, becomes a member or otherwise joins any other registered political party; or
        4. on being convicted by a court of law for a crime where imprisonment of more than 6 months is provided, provided the National President can for reasons to be recorded in writing decide against cession of any person’s Membership on this count.

      Any cessation of or suspension from Membership shall be notified on the Party’s website, which shall amount to a sufficient notification in law to all Members and other concerned persons.

    9.  Suspension from Membership
      Prior to any move under Article III(8)(b) or (d), President of a Unit where the concerned Member has his/her Address, may suspend any Member’s membership pending a final decision.
    10. Database of Membership
      The Party shall maintain a central database of its Members, who shall be segregated as Ordinary Members and Active Members. This central database shall consist of Addresses and other relevant details of Members and be updated by the National Executive Committee on a monthly basis, to include any change in the status of a Member, address, registration of new Members, cessation or suspension of Members in accordance with this Constitution, etc. and in any event such updating shall occur reasonably prior to any internal election of the Party.
    11. The Concerned President and the Concerned Executive Committee for the purposes of this Article III and Article IV shall be in the reverse of that specified in Article XIII(8), i.e. from the local level to the National