Vision for Implementation

  1. Building the Party: Establish the party with a robust internal democratic process, which at all times operates consistently with a set of identified values. The right to differ, constructively criticise and suggest an alternate shall be encouraged. Subservience, dynasty, and yes men shall not be tolerated within the senior leadership. The path will to bring in, build and when needed, train, an independent leadership.
    • The party shall provide a platform for new entrants to demonstrate the capability and assume leadership
    • Encourage participation in politics on a part-time basis by those that have an independent source of income and livelihood
  2. Election Plan
    • Selection of candidates for public elections would be through a primary system for which the party shall provide a transparent platform for communicating ideas, canvassing internal party support and training.
    • All fundraising by the party to be made through legitimate means and with transparency.
    • Candidates would be expected to organize their own election financing, any financing of individual seats would need the approval of the National Executive and be done transparently.
    • No office-bearer of the party, when holding office, would contest a public election.
    • Party would finance the overall electoral efforts of the party.
  3. Inspiring minds for transformation: Change the minds of people – Initiate mass contact programs, including the use of technology, local media, sports and entertainment events and the like.
  4. Building Nation: Firmly establish a liberal society that synthesizes social harmony with a progressive approach to the economic, environmental and cultural spaces. Redefine the ‘India Experience’ with providing a stronger sense for individual freedom, justice, fairness, security, education, cultural heritage, healthcare, education, respect, level playing field and equal opportunity to all.